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They may eat up to twice their body weight in food each day; this helps give them energy to sustain their quick-time movements and rapid wing beats. And it's those rapid wing beats that makes the "hum" of a hummingbird! There is a wide variety of birds visiting the feeder including bullfinch, blue tit, nuthatch, jay, magpie, tree sparrow, siskin, blackbird and woodpeckers Manhattan, New York cam featuring birds feeding on a windowsill in Manhattan, New York. A wide variety of birds feed at this feeder including Finches, Doves, Robins, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, blue jays and other species Sabal Palm Sanctuary, Brownsville, Texas, USA Bird Feeder Camera at Sabal Palm Sanctuary features these species Green Jay, Chachalaca, Black-Crested Titmouse, White-Tipped Dove, Long-Billed Thrasher, Golden-Fronted Woodpecker, Northern Cardinal, and Olive Sparrow Dumfries, Virginia, USA A backyard bird feeder webcam streaming live from Dumfries, Virginia (approx. There is a continuing battle with squirrel raiders & cats..

Hummingbirds have a narrow long beak that allows for them to gain access to the centers of flowers for pollen.Diligently raising up to four to five broods every year, in a nest the about size of half a golf ball.Each of her precious eggs are slightly bigger than a Tic Tac.Little Bella the hummingbird has been nesting in the branches of a ficus tree in La Verne, California, for ten years.She has raised about four to five broods of tiny babies every year in a nest about the size of half a golf ball!

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By moving from flower to flower so they can feed, hummingbirds pollinate many plants.

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